Congratulations Tim Vail – on becoming the British National Squash Champion O/35.

This adds to Tim’s success as the reigning British Racketball Champion - what a player!!

For Squash, Tim uses the Pointfore Kestrel racket and the RB450 for Racketball – Well done Tim. [by the way he is also a very good coach]

Another National Champion and Wales No 1 – Peter Creed, uses the Premier Racket Grip.

Watch this space to read about another exciting world player who has used the Premier grip for many years.


Pointfore are continually searching for the ultimate quality and perfection for all its products. Pointfore may be a household name to only a few but we are striving to make it a brand recognized by many. We have achieved our aim to bring racket players a quality product in both rackets and grips and are constantly striving to keep up with the latest technology. Outside the U.K. we currently export to over 20 different countries, with our main distributor being in the U.S.A.

RACKETS & SUPER CARBON: the latest most advanced form of carbon material developed and Pointfore were the forerunners in this field with this new exciting structure. It is very light and stiff and was originally developed for the space program where it was essential to have strong lightweight material that is extremely durable, thus making it a favourite choice for racket composite.

In addition to super carbon with also have a large choice of the traditional Graphite/Titanium rackets.

LONG MAIN STRINGS generate additional power as the longer strings produce a trampoline effect when the ball leaves the racket.

SWEETSPOTS or enlarged sweetspots have made significant changes to racket technology and most of all have improved the game for players.

PREMIER GRIPS: Introduced last year the only PU Super Grip to use perforations. This unique grip has the advantage of being a non technical grip but added advantage of perforations which enhance absorption and increase airflow through the PU material.

GRIPS an essential part of the racket. POINTFORE have a range of grips to suit the needs of all players for all racket sports.