Below are details of press releases that Pointfore have made public. Keep a watch on this page as it is regularly updated:


‘New signing JOEY BARRINGTON joins ALISTER WALKER at POINTFORE’ this gives Pointfore a good selection of players using and promoting their equipment.

1. Pointfore’s latest signing 20 year old Alister Walker a young player born in Botswana but now living in England looks to have a great future. Walker the Gloucestershire No. 1 attended the famous squash academy Wycliffe College during which time he represented England U19 level winning the Rocafort Open in Barcelona and the previous week reaching the semi final of ther Ali Bin Ali Open in Qatar. Now ranked in the world top 80 he has firmly set his sights on improving his ranking at every opportunity, he stands to be a great ambassador for the game of squash. Alister has selected to use the Premier 140i racket.

2. John Harford who recently formed part of the England u19 team who were runners up at the world championships in India is also another player who is using Pointfore equpiment notably the Eagle Ti – well done John.

3. Chris Clare a former captain of the England u19 team, Avon No. 1 and Super league player, has opted for the Eagle racket.

4.Wycliffe College has probably the finest squad of young squash players in the UK based at their school in Stonehouse. Players from various parts of the world attened the college and participate in the squash program under the watchful eye of Dave Morrish the Head Coach. Pointfore supply the rackets and accessories for this elite group of players. Rackets selected by the group include Premier 140i, Kestrel and Eagle Ti.


JOEY BARRINGTON signs with POINTFORE for exclusive use of the New Formula – PREMIER PU Racket Grip. Joey after trying out the new formula racket grip decided to endorse this grip because he found that the perforations enabled the grip to absorb more moisture. This grip is now being used by many other top racket players who have now moved over to this grip.


POINTFORE have just signed on the dotted line to sponsor Squash Wales – Junior Squash Skill Awards with a funding which will benefit all the junior squash clubs and players throughout Wales. We have always believed in devoting a large majority of funds available into sponsoring junior squash players believing that they will be our players of the future. Squash is basically a team sport that needs revitalizing and where better to start than with junior players. Get them keen and interested when they are young and we will have captured their interest in the game for some 40 years!! In addition to this, Squash Wales have just extended the existing contract we have with them for another year – meaning Pointfore will retain their title for being the ‘official grip for Squash Wales’ until February 2005.